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east teas sources directly from teamakers, growers and suppliers in the country of origin. Our sources are interested in promoting traditional methods and processes.

We aim to re-educate the British to enjoy and appreciate the teas that were being consumed here in the 17th and 18th centuries and to abandon teabags which have contributed to the decline in the quality of tea consumed in the UK over the past 40 years. Also, tea bags deny the experience of seeing the beauty of quality tea leaves. Already a number of fine restaurants and teashops in London and elsewhere are leading the way in this return to tradition.

Already green teas, white teas and pu-erh are receiving wide interest largely on health grounds but interaction with our customers reveals that many people are dissatisfied with the quality and taste of many teas available elsewhere. By tasting and discussing our teas with hundreds of taste-conscious people at Borough Market each week, we have built a reputation for reliably fine and delicious teas many varieties of which are unavailable elsewhere in the UK.

Also read about us in Tea in the City:London by Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson Out of print, alas.

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