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As ever, east teas offers excellent quality at fair prices.

Uji Gyokuro (20g)
Japan    45-50°C    £11.00
An excellent Gyokuro at a very reasonable price. Use a large amount of tea to water. The first brew is 2 minutes long, the second 1 minute and the third 2 minutes again. The aim is very small cups of thick, intensely-flavoured, umami-laden tea, more of a taste sensation than a drink. The brewed leaves are sometimes eaten with a small dash of soy sauce. For special times.

Uji    50-60°C    £10.00
Karigane means the cry of the goose The image is created by the "floating logs", upon which migrating geese alight to rest, appearance of the tea as it brews. Consisting of the fine stems, leaf veins and leaf fragments of Gyokuro, it has a sweet, fresh taste of Spring but with reduced caffeine. Also delightful cold-brewed and chilled.

Aoki Green
    °C    £0.00

Mount Fuji Sencha
Japan    60-70°C    £10.00
One of our very favourite senchas, from a small farm in Shizuoka, Japans major tea-producing region, where Mount Fuji is part of the backdrop. Also another very good sencha is available from Uji @ 9.50 per 50g.

Japan    70-75°C    £4.00
Alas, no more.

Japan    80°C    £4.75
In this special version of a familiar favourite, toasted whole-rice kernels are mixed with a decent sencha,also from Uji, rather than a coarser bancha i.e. a Spring rather than a Summer picked tea The higher-than-usual proportion of tea to rice helps create a satisfying balance with the toasted cereal flavour. A warming drink with a full, agreeable flavour.

Kuki Hojicha
Japan    90°C    £5.25
These fine, lightly roasted stems of high quality teas retain some green character which is emphasised with added leaf. It is fragrantly refreshing with a dry straw flavour and a lingering sweet aftertaste. Very low in caffeine, yet satisfyingly complex. Accompanies food well.

Japan    °C    £0.00
Alas supplies of this have been discontinued. Kuki Hojicha may substitute, although it is less highly roasted.

Sobacha (75g)
Japan    100°C    £4.50
An unusual toasted buckwheat infusion made in Japan. Nutty and naturally sweet, it contains no caffeine at all, and, despite its name it is gluten-free. Warming and soothing, it contains rutin, which is an anti-oxidant, choline, a compound in the vitamin B-complex, and magnesium. Note the pack size.

From time to time we carry guest teas of extra-special quality/rarity/seasonality often in 20g packs. Contact us on to be put on our e-mailing list. Note: Tasting notes are based on brewing with London(SE1) tap water. Water from other sources are likely provide different profiles. Some teas respond well to bottled spring waters.

Prices for leaf teas are for 50g unless otherwise indicated.

east teas provides a WORLDWIDE mail order service Please email with your requirements or for advice.

Mail order terms: minimum order of three packs. UK deliveries: Post & packing: 1.50 per pack. Orders of 60 or more: post-free. Overseas deliveries at cost. Payment by cheque in advance please or via bank transfer. Often teas are sent out within a day but please allow 28 days for delivery. Pictures of currently available utensils can be sent on request.

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