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Shui Xian
China    85-90°C    £13.00
A delicious, dark ‘water sprite’ oolong from the Wuyi Mountains of North Fujian is charcoal-fired, so slightly smoky. It is dry, yet suggesting caramelised fruits with a hint of light, woody spice, long-lingering aftertaste. Give a good pre-brewing wash.

Mi Lan Xiang
China    85°C    £14.50
A fine medium oolong from the Phoenix Mountains of Guangdong Province. The beautifully twisted leaves yield fragrant apricot backed with grapefruit and hints of honey and flowers. Drinking this is a sophisticated experience with a full aftertaste.

Pu-erh 1990s
China    95°C    £12.00
IT"S BACK. This loose-leaf Sheng, or raw Pu-Erh, or Bo-lai, has been microbially fermented and matured in the traditional, age-old manner. It is, amazingly digestive, so ideal with, or after, food. It is complex, pleasantly earthy and smooth, with, providing many handsome, reddish brews. Rinse the leaves briefly before brewing. This fine loose-leaf example from Yunnan has been expertly aged, gaining in complexity and depth. Packed in 30g bags.

Try something rare, 1990s Liu Bao a close cousin to Pu-Erh from Guanxi. £15 per 30g.

Da Hong Pao
Wuyi    90°C    £15.00
30g pack.
A fine example from Tong Mu village of this legendary tea. Roasted but with a caramelised fruity sweetness. Brew in gong fu style with lots of tea and many short infusions gradually lengthening in length.

NB picture incorrect

VIETNAM White Dzao Jasmine
Lao Cai Province Vietnam    80°C    £6.00
This refreshing, yet relaxing, quality, green tea is fragranced by allowing it to absorb the scent of fresh Jasmine flowers. This sensational-tasting tea is made by the White Dzao minority peoples in Lao Cai province. It is from 100+ year old trees grown without chemicals. Hand-picked and hand-processed under the supervision of Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy.

Rose White
China    80°C    £0.00
Unfortunately discontinued.

Snow Jewel
China    °C    £0.00
Unfortunately discontinued.

From time to time we carry guest teas of extra-special quality/rarity/seasonality often in 20g packs. Contact us on to be put on our e-mailing list. Note: Tasting notes are based on brewing with London(SE1) tap water. Water from other sources are likely provide different profiles. Some teas respond well to bottled spring waters.

Prices for leaf teas are for 50g unless otherwise indicated.

east teas provides a WORLDWIDE mail order service Please email with your requirements or for advice.

Mail order terms: minimum order of three packs. UK deliveries: Post & packing: £1.50 per pack. Orders of £60 or more: post-free. Overseas deliveries at cost. Payment by cheque in advance please or via bank transfer. Often teas are sent out within a day but please allow 28 days for delivery. Pictures of currently available utensils can be sent on request.

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