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easteas carries two Korean green teas from two seasons. Generally we also carry an excellent Spring black tea.

Sparrow\'s Tongue
Hwage    55 or 90°C    £15.00
A green tea of very high quality and freshness, picked in the early Spring in the area of Chiri-san, Korea's famous tea mountain. Carefully picked by hand it is largely hand-processed in the traditional manner.

At lower temperatures, it provides a sweet, deep infusion which gently stimulates the mind and satisfies the spirit. At higher temperatures, it is more assertive and awakening. This is how our supplier, Mr Ha, prefers it.

Excellent for those quieter moments, perhaps after food.

Hwage    60/65°C    £7.50
2017 A seldom-seen green tea with a natural toasty sweetness and an earthy, biscuity fragrance. Certified as traditionally-produced and so grown entirely traditionally without any chemicals and certified organic in Korea and internationally. This is a great, though not grand, tea which makes every day special. Served in a fine Korean restaurant in London.

Korea    90°C    £0.00
Literally 'red tea', this is a black tea from the early pickings of the entirely traditionally grown Nokcha plants. Soft and malty, without the harsh tannins associated with everyday black teas. Reminiscent of mulberry leaf infusions.


From time to time we carry guest teas of extra-special quality/rarity/seasonality often in 20g packs. Contact us on to be put on our e-mailing list. Note: Tasting notes are based on brewing with London(SE1) tap water. Water from other sources are likely provide different profiles. Some teas respond well to bottled spring waters.

Prices for leaf teas are for 50g unless otherwise indicated.

east teas provides a WORLDWIDE mail order service Please email with your requirements or for advice.

Mail order terms: minimum order of three packs. UK deliveries: Post & packing: 1.50 per pack. Orders of 60 or more: post-free. Overseas deliveries at cost. Payment by cheque in advance please or via bank transfer. Often teas are sent out within a day but please allow 28 days for delivery. Pictures of currently available utensils can be sent on request.

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